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Mr E Talks About His Purpose And The Dark Elves

In a recent interview for our upcoming book, a conversation that I was having¬†with Mr E drifted from the topic at hand to a discussion on dark elves and his purpose in being here. ¬†It ¬†was an interesting conversation so I thought you might like me to share it with you. ¬†I hope you enjoy […]

We Need Your Questions for our Upcoming Podcast

Yes, it’s about time for our first podcast!  It took a long time to get to this point but we are ready now to take some questions from you guys so that Mr E can answer them on the show.

Right now, our show is going to be prerecorded.¬†We may go live in the future¬†but we wanted […]

A Dryad Speaks

Hello Everyone! The interviews for our book continue and today, I am sharing a part of an interview with a dryad that my sister Susan and I affectionately call Grandmother.

Shortly after I moved into my house, I noticed the¬†stump of a tree the previous owners had cut down in the backyard. Three healthy shoots were growing from […]

An Interview with a Pixie Queen

Hello everyone!

I met a lovely pixie queen last week, one who traveled all the way from Fyn to speak with me for our upcoming book. Queen Emerald was kind, generous and thoughtful yet I never once forgot that I was speaking to the ruler of her nation, the great pixie nation of Fyn. […]

An Interview With a Dragon of Behradorn

Hello again, everyone! ¬†As we continue to do interviews for our upcoming book, I am finding it hard to resist sharing at least a small portion of some of these¬†conversations. ¬†So, today I am¬†sharing a small sample¬†of a 2 hour talk I recently had¬†with Etherwings, one of the Dragons of Behradorn. ¬†This was a channeled […]

Mr E on Working With Energy and Avoiding Negativity

Hello everyone! ¬†For those who¬†may be¬†wondering, we are making great progress on the book and we should have an idea when it will be finished fairly soon. ¬†In the meantime, here is another conversation I had with Mr E while we were working on the book. ¬†He often veers off ¬†into other, related subjects when […]

Mr E Answers One of Your Questions…

Hello Everyone! ¬†It’s definitely been too long since we posted but we will try hard to post more often. ¬†The book is coming along very well but it is taking up most of our “Mr E time.” Even so,¬†¬†I plan to get some more questions answered the next time I talk with him.¬†The question he […]

What Is The Essence Of Being an Elf? Mr E Answers That Question

Hello everyone!

I mentioned in our 2015 post that I ¬†would be sharing bits and pieces of interviews I am doing with Mr E¬†as we go through the process of writing ¬†our first book together. ¬†The upcoming book will not be in interview form, he is going to be telling his story in the first person, […]

Mr E sends his Thanksgiving Greetings and Talks About the Elven “Thankful Day”

Hello Everyone,

A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with Mr E ¬†about¬†gratitude ¬†and why the elves believe it is so important.¬†He also talked about the¬†¬†American Thanksgiving holiday and¬†explained how the¬†elves observe their own¬†“Thankful Day.” You can read all of that below but first, Mr E wanted to record an audio of his Thanksgiving […]

Mr E’s Blog, Post #16

Hello my friends from Real Fairies! I am back to answer a couple more of your questions but first, a short update:

Basically, everything’s good in Lakeside, there are no major troubles or¬†worries at the moment, thankfully. For those who might be interested, the riddle of the day, given to me by the pixies went something like […]