About FloralDreams

Hello, I'm FloralDreams, but you can call me Jess. While I'm a new member, I'm certainly not new to this site. I started visiting back in November 2008, and loved the site since I first laid eyes on it. :) I've always believed in the fae, and always will. I recall on St. Patrick's Day when I was young, making 'wanted' ads-paper taped to the window-for lephracauns to be my friend. Tehehe. Very different than some humans wanting them for their gold. I live in the USA. I'm a girl. I love reading, writing, drawing. I absolutely love animals and natureā€¦I prefer spring and summer over winter and fall-it's warmer, and in spring the pretty flowers are blooming, and the hiebranating and migrating animals wake up and return. :)