About Katsuraotoko

Hello to all. I am on Real Fairies to stop misinformation about the unseelie side of the fairy world. As a matter of fact the word "Unseelie" is offensive to me (It means unblessed). Of course these are just human words and the Fairies on the "Unseelie side call themselves something completely different. A bit about me, I am Human and I identify myself as such but I do carry fairy blood. My mother is a beautiful Jamaican woman while my Father is a type of Fae known as a Katsuraotoko, A type of Moon Fae known throughout east Asia (mostly in Japan but my Father is Chinese). I do not wish to give to much away about me (It's a fairy thing) But I will share this much. My Father isn't part of our (human) world. He met my mother on a rare night when Our world and his were intertwine. I should also mentioned my mother is skilled in the are of voodoo (no it isn't evil as some may think) so she has some strong magic of her own (And I have inherited). I have the power of Astral Projection and I do visit my Father on Full moon nights. He is a wealthy man in his world. He isn't royalty but he has some major connections in the Unseelie courts. It is my goal to shed some light on my Father's culture and give a more fair view of things.