About Kix Fairy

kay so I am Kix Rox Princess Kix for short! yah. ya noticed! BARNEY! yeah i still watch it! I stalk that purple dinosaur! Though it was me who made up the anti-barney song…..hmmm I guess you could say i'm obsessed with Japan…and i'm lovin this site!I am a music junkie! I am an art crack head,and i cant get enough of outkastness creativity! WEIRDOOOZ! I am into Japan none the least..I envy anyone with a british accent! I want it! I WANT IT! Well iLovePhotography,and I am a firly good writer took classes for it! in highschool! teahaa! I am always laughing and my Fave words are …Werd…and Sweetnesss! There WILL BE BLOOD!……i love that movie…. and well kool kitty i'm a kool kool kat! ahAH! Gimmie Gimmie love! Cuz i lufz u! I love FAIRIES! http://nyxsentgoodness.niceboards.net/forum.htm ……………….lemme get back to my Japanese movie…..ITS IN JAPANESE! who woulda thunkit!