About Sab_The_Cat

To be up front about me and who I am; I am a 17 year old trans guy, whos also gay. I'm pagan - which I'm guessing isn't rare on this website. I do not have a direct path. Astrally I'm not sure what I am, but I certainly own aspects of the dragon, the cat, and anything else about that you can ask. As a dragon type I value wisdom and intelligence, I am also possesive and greedy. As a cat type I am independant, I also happen to be feral. I also may have fae aspects, astral and not. I have an interest in energy work and study it, and I am studying tarot. I hope to be a mentor and shaman someday. This website was something to what I was looking for my entire life, and I need to engage more with it, but most importantly its purpose. Also, I need to be around people I feel wont judge me for my connection, and belief, in the fae. Not so much lately, but I have seen faeries, and I believe I may have encountered other types of fae, as well as other beings on a different level. I could describe a lot of these encounters and sights to you if you ask. Please feel free to drop a message, as long as its nothing hateful. Blessed be!