Banner Advertising on Real Fairies2016-11-17T16:21:04+00:00

We have recently received a few inqueries about banner advertising on Real Fairies and, right now, we are only going to place a few select ads in the left sidebar where you currently can see our “Advertise Here” banner.

If you are interested in placing a banner  ad, we have two options:

1)  A 150 x 240 box banner ad, located as mentioned above for $30/month with a two month minimum.

2)  A 150 x 240 box banner ad, located as mentioned above for $25/month with a four month minimum.

We currently get 20,000 visitors/month and serve approx. 150,000 pages/month .

To place an ad, or if you need to ask any questions, please email Natalie at with “Banner Ad” in the subject (for the fastest response).