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Mr E sends his Thanksgiving Greetings and Talks About the Elven “Thankful Day”

This is an encore reposting of  Mr E's 11/25/14 blog post, I hope you enjoy it. Hello Everyone, A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with Mr E  about gratitude and why the [...]

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Real Fairies Radio Podcast, Episode #7: Sensing/Gnomes/The Children of Une/Your Questions

January 27, 2018|11 Comments

Hello Everyone! Well, our seventh podcast is finally available! In this episode, Mr E talks with us about learning to sense energy, something that is essential in protecting oneself and learning to work with [...]

Real Fairies Update, January 16, 2018

January 16, 2018|9 Comments

Hello Everyone! Mr E, Susan, Katie and I have been hunkered down working hard on various projects since our last update and I thought you might be interested in a progress report (of sorts). [...]

Mr E talks about 2018, the Year of Commitment

December 23, 2017|5 Comments

A new year is almost upon us! Here's Mr E's take on what 2018 has in store.--nl Mr E: I want to tell you about the energies of 2018. [...]

JP on Being a Good Steward of the Earth

December 13, 2017|4 Comments

Here is another short conversation I had recently with JP, an elf who is related to Mr E by marriage and rules a neighboring country. Here he talks about the elven responsibility of being [...]

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