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Today I want to share with you a conversation Mr E and I had about the existence of Bigfoot/Sasquatch.  This conversation came about because Ruth, a dear RF friend and contributor, was curious about Mr E’s opinion on the subject.  I found his answers interesting and I hope you will too. –nl

NL: I have a question for you about Bigfoot/Sasquatch.  Do you know if they exist and, if you do, are they part of the faery realm?

Mr E: They absolutely exist. I’m not sure why but humans often seem to refer to Bigfoot or Sasquatch as a male or a “he.” That’s kind of ridiculous, don’t you think?    There are female and baby Sasquatches too.

NL: That does seem strange, now that you mention it.  It sounds like you  have some knowledge of them–do you see them on your side?

Mr E: Yes but they are more on your side than they are on ours. We know of them, we know they exist. (Laughs) Surprise, surprise, they are real!

NL: How do you know they exist?

Mr E: We’ve run across them. There’s no animosity between us, in fact, we get along quite well. They have a very spiritual nature.

I understand them and I understand why they choose to do what they do.

NL: What do you mean?

Mr E: I’m referring to the fact that they are avoiding humanity.

NL: But why are they here if they want to avoid humanity

Mr E: They can’t help it, they live on your side.

NL: Didn’t you say they’re on your side too?

Mr E: No, not really. They are originally from your world and when we created our world from yours and left, they stayed on your side.

Even now, they don’t really cross over to our side and disappear like people think they do. We can see them and they communicate with us but they aren’t in our realm, they’re in yours.

They are a very elusive group as I’m sure you already know. They have learned to live away from the humans as much as possible.

NL: Which is almost an impossible task in the world we live in today.

Mr E: Well, you know, there are lots of places in your world where the landscape is still very raw and wild and few humans dare to tread.  That’s where you’ll find them.

NL: We’ve gotten glimpses of them and found foot prints enough times for them to have become a legend and part of our folklore.

Mr E: Yes, I believe if people really persisted to the point where everybody stopped everything and focused on finding Bigfoot, you’d find them. In fact, you’d probably be able to capture one of them.

NL: That would be unfortunate.

Mr E: Very unfortunate and I’m rather glad that not everyone believes in them.

NL: So, what is their story?

Mr E: They’re very natural creatures.

NL: Do you know if they communicate through telepathy or not? I recently saw a fictional movie that suggested they do.

Mr E: Actually, I don’t really know if they are telepathic or not because I haven’t personally encountered one. For me to do that, I would have to travel way out of my way and I just don’t have the time to do that. What I am sharing with you is information given to me by other, very credible elves.

I’m sure they can communicate with each other but not necessarily with telepathy. They can make scream-like sounds, you know, they make their noises but they are more of a quiet creature actually unless they are trying to scare or get rid of humans.

I do know that they’re very hearty–their skin and their bodies are very durable. By durable I mean able to endure harsh weather and other rigors of nature.

NL: You mentioned something about them having a spiritual nature– did you mean they care for the earth?

Mr E: Yes, they care very much because the earth is their source of survival.

NL: Isn’t that true for everybody?

Mr E: It is but they don’t have technology, cities and modernization–not that they want those things–so being in nature is all they have. Nature and Sasquatch are one.

NL: Are they dwindling in numbers, are they in danger of becoming extinct?

Mr E: Hmmm, there are less in certain areas and more in others at the moment. They move around, they migrate too.

NL: Seasonal migration?

Mr E: Not just for seasons but to avoid humans. If there’s too many campers, etc. in an area then they’ll move to a less populated area.Sometimes they try to intimidate the campers so they can stay where they are.

NL: So, they aren’t a part of your realm at all but you are aware of each other.

Mr E: No, they’re in your realm but they know us because they are spiritually connected to the same higher power that we are. They have a very strong spiritual nature, like an earth spirit.

NL: So, they can sometimes connect with you because your spiritual natures are aligned?

Mr E: Right, exactly, and we can see them and they can see us sometimes.

NL: But, we wouldn’t call them a faery realm creature.

Mr E: That’s right, they are not from my realm, that is a misconception. They also aren’t stupid, slow moving creatures like some people may think. These are fast creatures, creatures that can move very fast in thick vegetation.  They can move a lot faster than, say, a bear or a human and they know the terrain better.

When I think of it, there is probably a good reason people think they are otherworldly. They often seem to disappear but they actually haven’t, they’re still there, hidden.

So, that’s basically what I know about them…not a lot but…something anyway.

NL: So I guess you would say that the bottom line here is that Bigfoot/Sasquatch exists but don’t expect to find them in the Faery Realm.

Mr E: Right, (laughs) and good luck finding them in your world as well.

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  1. Ruth June 24, 2015 at 7:02 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much Natalie and Mr E for talking about the Sasquatch and sharing what you know about them! I’m still a bit perplexed though because I’ve had them come to my house and leave signs that they’ve been here…also heard wood knocking, pebbles falling and heavy footsteps running across our roof, owl and cow mimicking where it sounds like a huge cow mooing under our window at night…also finding footprints but only one…never a set of tracks…and I’ve gotten photos of them being semitransparent…now I’m wondering if maybe these beings are something else and not Sasquatch/bigfoot? Thank you for your help in trying to understand what I see/hear/experience!

  2. Jane July 22, 2015 at 8:27 pm - Reply

    I have a very simple question for Mr. E.
    How tall are you? I’m quite curious…

  3. Iridesa79 August 4, 2015 at 9:25 pm - Reply

    Hi Mr. E
    How are you doing? It’s been quite a while since I wrote or asked any questions in this forum because motherhood and studies kept me quite busy last 2yrs. But I still keep reading your blogs and tons of information you share with us so kindly and generously. Thank you for your time because I am quite sure that you are a very busy and so is Nat and Susan.
    Anyway thanks again for confirming our doubts regarding Big Foot. But if and when possible could you please tell us about other myths or creatures which are quite elusive. Also are fallen angels, real Angels and Demons true too? You also talked about sometime back regarding your dimension. I am curious about the shape of the entire universe and are there other universes too? Would it be possible for you to draw us a picture of the entire universe and how all the dimensions look like?

    I am sorry for asking so many questions it’s just that I got really curious. One more question though. Can we get some information about Dragons of Behradorns? Another question is that how Nat knows when you want to communicate? Or how does she contact you?
    Thank you so much. Catch you later. Until then I hope you are happy and healthy. Take care bbye.

    Navneeta (Iridesa79)

  4. Ban Dragun August 11, 2015 at 11:03 pm - Reply

    I have a few question for Mr. E.

    What are the names of the other seven nations allied with Fyn?
    Are there any elves around where we call west Florida, where it borders Alabama (south United States)?
    What other races are part The Eight.
    Most important question: how are you?

  5. David Andra January 28, 2016 at 11:06 pm - Reply

    thanks for shairring your knowledge with us all. Do you know of any clans of elves living in the Utah area ? ive had more than a few encounters with the fae and am vary gratefull for them . a few times I was even granted temp. fairy sight so that i could see them. I did notice that even though they are invisible most the time that they can cast a shadow or sometimes be seen in reflection of a curved surface ,i havnt been able to quit figure that one out yet. any insights on that for us. also you dont think of fairies as being sexual but some of my encounters would suggest otherwise. I like to imagine that I have 3 fairy offspring and that they let me name them.. (Im a male by the way) but I realy dont think it is my imagineation. can you give me any validation one way or the other . and if you meet my kids on that side please give them my love. thier names are Gretal,, snowball.. and lyra.,. i am open to feed back and willing to discusse my experiances with anyone interested as long as the faes privicey and tech. is not compramized in any way Dave the

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