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Hello Everyone,

I spent some time today sifting through some fairly recent comments Mr E made in response to some of your questions about dragons. He and I are working on some more extensive information about the Dragons of Behradorn but, in the meantime, here are the questions and the audio clip answers:

1) “Is it possible to ride a dragon?”

2) “Can you talk about the colors of dragons?”

3) “Can dragons see the future?”

4)  “Have you seen an accurate portrayal of dragons in books, tv or films?”

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  1. Jas January 28, 2012 at 5:22 am - Reply


    I want to say this site really opened my eyes and gave me more knowledge about fairies, elves, etc. I read the post on “the sounds of the Unseelie” and listened to the audio. It really creeped me out. Mr E said that Africa is an Unseelie country. I live in Africa. Does that mean that no Seelie creatures can be in Africa? What do the Unseelie look like? Can they take human form? Please help!

    P.S please say hi to Mr E for me. You and your team are doing an AMAZING job here. Thanks:)

    • Natalie Lynn January 28, 2012 at 3:16 pm - Reply

      Hi Jas,

      I’m glad you stopped by!
      I know Mr E said Africa is unseelie territory but that just means there is a large group of organized unseelie located there. I know for certain that Africa has many, many seelie fae but they probably aren’t actively working with the Group of Eight to defeat the unseelie and that’s why he said that.

      At the moment, neither the seelie or unseelie elves can get through the veil into our world (for the most part) so you don’t have to worry about seeing them in person anytime soon. But, even though they can’t get through the veil, they can still try and influence human’s thoughts and feelings to further their purposes. As far as their appearance goes, they look similar to humans and are about the same height with a slighter build but their eyes are different and their ears are pointed, just like most folklore describes them. The unseelie have a dark gray energy and their skin takes on that color, according to Mr E.

      I will definitely give your greetings to Mr E and thank you for your very kind words, it is much appreciated! 🙂

      All the best,

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