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View From Lakeside Vol. # 14

Hello again, my friends,

Let’s see,  what’s been going on here in Lakeside lately?

Well, there are elves milling about talking about an upcoming wedding and an unfortunate death that occurred a few cities over.

The reason we even heard about the casualty was because someone in this town was related to said elf.  Unfortunately, mishaps do happen–we are not perfect creatures, far from perfect indeed!

In this case,  the person was climbing a tree and a branch that he thought was secure, was not, and it broke.   Since he was high up in the tree, he sadly fell to his death, leaving behind a wife,  a son and two daughters.  As I was saying before,  the older daughter lives here in Lakeside  and works at the Inn here making beds and doing some of the cooking (she makes a fantastic soup, so I hear).  As for the family left behind, there will be an elven style funeral and the daughter from Lakeside will travel there to attend.

So…I know it’s not the happiest subject but I thought you might be wondering about elven funerals and what they are like.  Since you’re not here to experience it for yourselves (and probably wouldn’t be that excited to do that anyway),  I’ll try to explain a little bit about how it goes.

The first thing that happens is similar to many human customs where the deceased’s body is washed and laid out in their most  familiar or best clothing.  Then the mourners start stacking straw and logs together, binding them with rope and adding more and more layers until it’s stacked a good 5 feet tall. After that, they douse it with oil and lay the body on top of the pyre (the previously stacked wood) on a tray made of wood.   At this point, it is common for family and friends to adorn the body with flowers and place favorite or meaningful things, jewelry and mementos on the pyre also–it all depends on what the departed liked while he/she was living.

My people believe in, and commune with, the Mother Goddess/Danu and Father God/Greenman so we begin the actual funeral by invoking  them and inviting them to the funeral. When this is done, people usually take turns talking about the person who has died and speaking about what he/she meant to them and this could go on for quite a while.

After all the words have been spoken, a chant begins and the pyre is lit while mourners watch, staying until there is nothing left but ashes . It is our belief that this helps the spirit move on and we also firmly believe that the spirit will someday be reborn.

After the funeral, it is very common for friends and relatives to stay around for days to help the ones left behind.  They often offer money and goods to the family and try to help them get on with their lives as gently as possible.  In some cases,  a single brother of the deceased one may even offer marriage to his sister-in-law and take on the responsibility of raising his brother’s family.   At times like this, the community really pulls together to get the bereaved through the hard times much like I’ve seen humans do.

Okay, now that I’ve updated you on Lakeside and told you more than you probably wanted to know about funerals (smile), I thought I should  answer a few of your questions!

Question From Faecat:

I know animals and insects can be used by the fae to communicate, and one of the first things that happen when humans embark on the fae communication path is an increase in seeing butterflies, dragonflies, birds, etc. What I want to know is, how does the relationship between the fae and our side animals work? There’s tales of pixies/trooping faeries who ride butterflies and birds, there’s tales of fae taking the form of those animals, there’s the belief that fae communicate and send them as messengers. I would very much like to know, because I had an experience a few days after I started to reconnect with the fae. I awoke to 3 birds perched outside on my windowsill, one of them woke me up by tapping on the glass. I would like to understand how those birds were connected with the fae.

Also, could E explain why the fae love the number 3?

Mr E’s Answer–

Dearest Faecat,

Yes , yes absolutely we do sometimes connect with you by using animals/insects on your side to help us. Pixies are great friends with dragonflies and use them for a messenger service–Susan had an experience with a dragonfly that she has talked about here before, I believe (Note: I have added an audio of her talking about this and other things, below–NL).   

As for taking form,  its a little bit different than that, its more a mind link with the bird and we (elves) see through their eyes.

Many of the small fae like to ride birds, and other small creatures.  It’s quite possible those birds pecking at window were trying to get your attention and were sent by fae beings, yes.  

As for the number 3, it is a very good number and it has to do with creation energy, and the three faces of the goddess.


Question from Valkyn, #1: 

I live in Newfoundland. Here we have a lot of lore about the fae. Mostly scary and cruesome stories, and the lore and tales around the fae here are meant to warn and scare. Some are particularly creepy, such as people passing out in the woods and missing buttons on their coat, getting surgery, and then the doctors finding those buttons inside. Im not saying those are real, but the amount of fear and darkness surrounding the tales, and the implications that the fae here are dangerous and hate or are malicious to humans, makes me think perhaps it is likely mostly populated by unseelie fae?

 To finally get to my question: What is on the other “side” of the veil on Newfoundland on your map? Is it populated by any specific kind of fae with any specific kinds of attitudes? Does the lore match the beliefs of the fae in this place?

 Mr E’s Answer–

Dearest Valkyn,

Where do I start with this one, hmm… Newfoundland fae definitely exist, yes.   As I have said before,  even in a group of good fae–in other words, those who work with  good intentions and don’t embrace dark things–there  may be some who don’t behave 100% as a good guy if the human has angered or insulted them. Some fae have short tempers and doing bad things to humans won’t get them into too much trouble with the law as long as they don’t kill the human. (However, in Fyn and Lakeside, it most certainly would!)

The fae in your area can make humans quite miserable if they so desire, mind you. So…yes the lore is true but there are plenty of  Newfoundland fae that are very good people and for the most part they don’t wish to end humanity like the dark fae do so therefore, they are on our team (part of The Eight).

Question from Valkyn, #2:

About dragon magick: Here, I think there are probably two kinds though I could be wrong.

 One I can think of is to call on the power/energy of specific kinds of dragons depending on the situation/ritual/spell. Another, is to just relate ones magick to dragons, out of a personal connection. Where there are personal connections (spirituality really), magick often thrives, it seems.

Mr E’s Answer:

(Smiles) As for dragons , respect is most important and yes, if your gonna do dragon magic, it certainly would be best to get permission from the dragon that’s supposed to help you. Dragons are very sensitive to disrespect, and  over here, that will turn you in to a very crispy treat pretty quickly! (laughs) However, they are usually willing to help those with good intentions.

The only kind of dragon magic I know of is the kind where there is a deep connection  between you and the dragon, you know, where you have a bond, a strong relationship.

Dragons are quite protective creatures as well as being highly intelligent and in Fyn, they care a lot about the Fynians and protect them as much as they can.  They see us as something similar to adopted children and warn us of  any bad things coming our way while doing their best to avoid the problem for us in the first place.

As far as “dragon magic” is concerned, I am unfamiliar with how humans use dragon magic.   Knowing dragons as I do, I would say they would want you to seek permission before attempting to work with any dragon in particular .


Comment from rush:

Great Blog post Mr E, I have been away a lot from Real Faeries but still there is always something stirring when I return. I enjoyed your information on the Dragons, Centaurs and Pixies, and the way you answered questions for everybody personally creates great enthusiasm and insight for us seekers, sometimes it feels like you are all so far away in your world, your words help the heart remember why we are all here.

Mr E Replies:

Hello rush,

I understand why you feel we are far away but we are a bit closer than we appear at times (smile).

Thank you for your comments, it’s encouraging to hear that you enjoy my answers and  find them helpful.  I could wish for no more than that!

Question From Lilfae:

I’m currently at the beach, basically right beside the ocean, with my family. I was wondering if fairies are found at the beach. Or any other spiritual being. I certainly would like to make a connection while I am here! Also, if there are spiritual beings around, I would love to contact them. Any tips on how to do this?? Thank you for the advice in advance~

Dearest Lilfae,

Ah the ocean…the mer can be found there but they are neutrals and can not always be counted on to be friendly. They would like you best if you kept the water clean and free of pollutants and if they see you doing so,  they will be more apt to want to communicate and be friendly towards you. Be mindful if they ask you to join them in the water for some forget humans can’t breathe underwater and end up luring folks to their death.


From Faecat:

I wanted some ideas of good, easy, houseplants that would bring in Fae to a newly weds house.

My sister is getting married in October, and I already bought her your wedding present, but I also wanted to bring in Fae blessings on the marriage and soon-to-be family they’ll start someday. Any ideas?

How would I ask the Fae to bless my sister and her fiance?


Dearest Faecat,

Oh, congrats to your sister for starters!  We love Shamrocks over at this house–they are pretty,  green, have tiny little white flowers and Natalie knows the secret of taking care of these plants.

You see,  they have a sleeping period where you put em in a dark place after they are done and start to die out.   Then, after a couple of months, you bring em back out and they grow beautifully again. They make a good symbol for renewing love and everlasting love because they always come back. Plus they are magical and attract good magic to the home. Yes,  I highly recommend them for a great present!!!

As far as a blessing goes, we usually ask for the blessing of Danu for the newlyweds and we have a house blessing/protection thing that we often make and give to them as well.  I showed Natalie how to make it and I think she is going to be adding that to the store here soon.  You can take a look at it and maybe make one like it.

Well, that’s all for now, my friends.  Stay safe and happy until the next time!


Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.





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  1. Valkyn August 13, 2014 at 8:56 pm - Reply

    Thank you Mr.E for answering my question and concerns! And reading about the funeral was interesting though sad it needs to happen. As for the dragon part, I’m not very familiar with it either. Its just a guess from glossing over draconic wicca and hearing about it here and there. But I think you’re right about the best way about going about it!!

  2. jane doe August 14, 2014 at 10:40 am - Reply

    I feel for you guys losing, someone is hard, I’m glad that the family will have people helping them out. By the way I never would have thought elves or anyone from that side could die like that. I thought you were all In tune with the earth that something of that nature wouldn’t happen. It’s also interesting to hear about your beliefs of the dead ( I guess you guys are not the only people who have different beliefs on death, another think that’s new)

  3. rush August 14, 2014 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    Hello Mr E Susan and Natalie, My healing thoughts to all concerned with the unfortunate death, Its something that is part of every world in some way, and really does shed light on how precious iife is and why we need togetherness to survive through difficult times. Thankyou for mentioning my comment in your answeres post, Coincidentaly yesterday I had a bird visitor at my window yesterday, its eyes were different to the usual birds, where most need to turn their head slightly to view you more closely, this bird eyed me straight on with a different look, tapping away on the branch with its beak as I played my bass guitar, it certainly caught my Fae seeking attention.
    May the two worlds come ever closer, ~ smiles,bows head with third eye salute~

  4. Iridesa79 August 14, 2014 at 11:44 pm - Reply

    May his soul rest in peace and I wish his soul a very happy rebirth. Such a beautiful way to say goodbye. Thank you so much Mr. E for sharing your traditions with us. So our and your rituals are more or less same (Hindu Rituals) but with a slight difference. Yours is quite honorable though. We all would wait for your next post and please let us know about your wedding rituals too. Thank you. On 15th August we celebrate our Independence Day (India) as this day and in year 1947 we were free from the British Rule. Have a great day Mr. E

    Take Care
    Iridesa79 (Navneeta)

  5. Faecat August 15, 2014 at 12:38 am - Reply

    Thanks for the shamrock idea! I would never have thought of that!
    Thank you for answering my questions, and I can’t wait to hear more!
    By the way, I’ve been drinking the mugwort and elderberry tea you recommended, and also added peppermint to it. I’m using it to generally increase my sensitivity to the supernatural.
    Thanks for the gifts in my package Nat 😀

    • Natalie Lynn August 24, 2014 at 10:06 am - Reply

      @Faecat – You’re welcome! Hope you find them useful…

  6. little red August 19, 2014 at 2:53 am - Reply

    hello I am little red my mind is able to create 3 dimensional worlds in my so that my mind basic it becomes a portal for to enter any realm I chose and also fairies and elves connect throw similar brain and sprite patterns.oh and three represent the magical balance

  7. Believer August 21, 2014 at 9:57 pm - Reply

    I have another quick question. I was wondering about fairies in my general area. I live in the U.S.A. in eastern Nebraska, and have seen some shy fairies around here. I am doing what I can to help the environment and raise awareness. Thank you so much Mr.E. We are all so lucky to have you guys helping us out.

    The Believer 🙂

  8. Lisa September 12, 2014 at 12:20 am - Reply

    Hi Mr. E, thanks for answering the previous questions. They are so interesting and eye-opening. Seeing your reply to Valkyn’s post about fae in Newfoundland, it got me thinking.

    I was thinking if you would know if there is a relationship between the Fyn, or the “Western” faeries in general, and the “Oriental” faeries (eg. Asian/African). Do your groups interact at all? And if so, is there a communication barrier due to language differences? Would you be able to tell if they were from a different group (like different clothes/language/rituals or something)

    I apologize if these questions sound strange. I actually just learned about the real existence of fairies not too long ago and this is really eye-opening. Thanks to Natalie and Susan as well!

    • Natalie Lynn September 12, 2014 at 1:34 am - Reply

      @Lisa, You are very welcome! These are great questions! I will be sure to include them in his next post (hopefully) next week.

  9. Iridesa79 September 23, 2014 at 5:56 pm - Reply

    Hey Nat I hope that you are doing well. I see that you are online. Long time, no see. I was starting to worry. Where is Mr. E and you lately ? I know its kinda busy since the schools opened. Is Mr. E posting anything in his blog? Its bcz I didn’t see him for long time. I saw Lisa.A.GreyEyes post and seems like she will be here less and less. I really enjoyed her posts. I will miss her posts as they are so inspiring and encouraging. Hope Susan is doing well. Hope to see Mr. E’s blog up soon. I would love to hear that indescribable music Mr.E talked about. I wish we could actually real Fae music. Although I would be glad if he could tell us that why does he need MUSIC during magic and do they sing while doing magic? Does every magic needs music? Sorry for bugging you on this. Have a great evening. Happy First Day of FALL to you, Susan, your lovely family, Mr.E and all the Fae out there.

    Take care,
    Iridesa79 (Navneeta)

  10. Norma Kosko October 23, 2014 at 9:40 pm - Reply

    I often feel a presence and hear what sounds like small whispers. I’m always expecting a message as if I am to play some huge role in society. But when I look around I am alone and even though I sense a presence I often feel alone. Am I crazy?

    • Natalie Lynn October 23, 2014 at 11:51 pm - Reply

      Hi Norma,
      No, I don’t think you’re crazy at all and, of course, if this is a basis for being crazy, then I think a lot of us are. 🙂

      The next time you feel this presence, why don’t you talk to it? Susan does this all the time (and I guess I do too)–if she sees or senses something, she says “hello” and acknowledges their presence. You could even say something like, “hello, I sense you there and I think you are trying to communicate with me but it’s not coming in clearly. Can you try another way?” That way, it lets them know you ARE aware of them but the communication is a bit weak and they can try and make some adjustments.

      Please let us know how it is going!

  11. jess October 29, 2014 at 7:05 am - Reply


    Wow I never thought I would ever see this. I came here from youtube. You have some good advise mr.e. I am very thankful for your knowledge on the world and culture you come from. I love all your blogs I read them all.

    I do have a few questions I understand if you can’t answer all my questions. My first question is about dragon flys. I remember I was sitting during my lunch break eating my food and a dragon fly flew right at me. Why does that happen? Secondly it is about possession. My sister, she is mentally ill due to certain reasons I cannot say. But I would like to know spells to protect her from any dark beings. And thirdly do prayers really work? I come from a strict background of shamanism. In my belief you cannot believe in two religions due to imbalance of practice. Does it affect you as well mr.e?

    I would never think that faries, elves, gnomes, trolls exist. I don’t expect to see anything. But it’s just so fascinating and different.
    Thank you again for all the posts and stories!

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