I just added a new page on the main site called the “Hall of Knowledge.” The purpose of this new area is to create an archive of some of the frequently used information such as the elven symbols, the connecting with fae information and some of the Elves of Fyn/Mr E info as well.

Beyond that, I would really like this to be a group effort where we create a sort of wiki of our collective knowledge. For example, I have added a link to JesseW’s excellent post titled “Magick to protect from Unseelie” there and would love to add any other information we would like to have as part of this collective.

This will also be where we post information about classes and meetings and structured chat times, etc.

This site is becoming a wealth of information and I would love to see it grow and also be easily accessible at the same time. Please feel free to add your contributions to the Hall of Knowledge Forum–preferably under separate topic titles. I would also appreciate you pointing out any information that has already been posted in the forum that should be included also. I will transfer this information from here to the main page periodically.

I look forward to your contributions!