The Fifth Cottingley Fairy Photo

Although the hoax involving the Cottingley Fairies Photos, circa 1920, is well known, many are unaware that one of the girls involved insisted that the 5th photo was genuine.  As you will see in the  2009 video from The Antiques Roadshow  below, Frances Griffiths admitted to the deception in the 1980’s, along with her cousin Elsie Wright, but she always, to […]

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The Seven Elven Codes of Living

A while back, Mr E recorded a series of 7 Elven Codes for Living especially for Facebook.  Since they don’t seem to be available there anymore (not sure why),  I wanted to be sure to post them here so everyone would be able to enjoy them.  Here they are, in the order he recorded them:

Who is Mr […]

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Real Fairy Hill at Glastonbury Hill and Chalice Well

Steeped in ancient magic and mystery, the small town of Glastonbury, located in southwest England, is home to many mystical beliefs and legends. First inhabited around 3500 BC, it has long been a place of pilgrimage and is strongly connected to the ancient druids who lived there around 1000 BC.  Since ancient times Glastonbury, along with Stonehenge and Avebury, have […]

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