What Is The Essence Of Being an Elf? Mr E Answers That Question

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I mentioned in our 2015 post that I  would be sharing bits and pieces of interviews I am doing with Mr E as we go through the process of writing  our first book together.  The upcoming book will not be in interview form, he is going to be telling his story in the first person, but sometimes I get curious and ask a question here and there which turns out to be worth sharing.

Today, I am sharing a quick conversation we had when I was wondering, “What defines an elf?  Who are they, essentially?”  Here is our conversation:

NL: Could you explain the basic differences between human and elves.  In other words, what is essence of being an elf?

Mr E: What characterizes us

[elves] is the fact that we are very conscious about everything. I think that’s what you would say is the big difference between an elf and a human. We are conscious about everything that we do in our everyday, ordinary lives.

Humans aren’t like that.  They  say things like, “eh, I’ve got to go to the grocery store,” like it’s the most boring, tedious thing in the world.  For us, it would be, “Oh! We are going to the grocery store! We get to see all these other food-like things that people have prepared, isn’t this wonderful!”  In our view, we appreciate the grocery store more than the human would.

NL: Would you appreciate it as much if it was part of your everyday life?

Mr E:  Even if it was part of our everyday life, it’s still–that’s somebody’s product there. Especially, if it’s in our world, it’s handmade.  It has more energy towards it, and somebody milked their cow by hand to get that milk, you know what I mean? It’s a difference in appreciation.

NL:  There must be something about being human that causes us to lose our  appreciation after a while.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that humans don’t sense things and see energy patterns the way the elves do.

Mr E: Right, exactly. I think with the elves, the body itself may be tweaked a little bit differently, the brain might be tweaked a little bit differently

NL: Elves seem to be more connected spiritually as well.

Mr E: Yes, we  tend to be closer to our god/goddess than you are here because we know them by name and can see them anytime we want. They are not far away, they’re not disconnected from us, they are right here. There’s a big difference.

NL:  The connection you have with things…

Mr E: We are connected to everything and humans as a rule tend to be so disconnected. Humans disconnect themselves on purpose sometimes through the use of drugs, computers, you name it.

NL: Are you proud to be an elf?

Mr E: Well, yes!

NL: Why, what are you proud of?  Your nation?

Mr E: My nation that I help guide, yes. I’m not your ordinary elf so…

NL:  I’m trying to get at what the essence of an elf is.

Mr E:  The essence of an elf is universal respect which many humans seem to severely lack as a whole. Respect, along with appreciation.

NL: Is respect related to appreciation?

Mr E: Yes, it’s part of appreciation. It’s like, “Oh, I’m grateful for that being there, I  truly understand what that is…

NL: You understand on a deeper level than most humans could, though.

Mr E: Exactly. Take your dog River, for example.  I can see that he’s not just a dog. To me, there’s a spirit there with a kind heart. He’s a jovial fellow and he’s quite a fighter and very  protective. There’s a lot to him, he isn’t “just a dog.” A human would probably just see a sleeping dog–I’m talking about most humans, not all humans.

I see beyond that, I see a great dog, restoring his energy, you see what I am saying?  It’s all in the perception.  It’s elven perception and I think that this is truly what I am here for–to wake up people and show them what the real perception is and snap them out of their human doldrums. Look, that isn’t just a dog, that is a sleeping dog who has all these other attributes.  (Looking around the room) That isn’t just a gourd, those aren’t just clothes…

NL: In what way?

Mr E: Those are clothes worn by you and they have your energies and magic around them. I can see that, I can see your lingering essences and I know that those are your clothes. And, you chose those…

NL: How would you convey this to people to get them to really understand it since they can’t see it? Or can they?

Mr E: I guess they can see it through my eyes. You know, when I say, this is that, that is this…it’s my way of seeing things.  For instance, that isn’t a (baby) gate, that’s a barrier.  That’s a physical energy field that prevents toddlers from running through. It’s not just a plastic gate, it’s more than that.

NL: Everything is more than that, isn’t it?

Mr E: Yes! Everything is more than that, that is the key right there. Everything is more than what you [humans] think it is. Things are more than just their simple, slight description, elves put a long description in everything.

NL: So how about this rock, for instance.

Mr E: What kind of rock?

NL: There’s one up there with a symbol on it

Mr E: Then, it’s a magical symbol rock that holds this particular power and energy

NL: Even say, a table?

Mr E: Even a table. This table is your focusing area, it’s your magic area, your magic table, your altar. To you, it’s a table, to me, it’s an altar, where you’re working your magic.  You see what I’m saying? It’s a perception.

NL: What this also does is give specialness to things that we think are mundane. And, when you have specialness, don’t you have more energy?

Mr E: Yes, it’s more powerful, you are more connected to the energy and everything is more powerful.  Pretty interesting, huh?

NL: Yes, definitely.

Mr E: Maybe we should go into this more in the next book even. To explain to people how to see and live like this.

NL: And maybe once they are aware of it, they can sort of “feel” it.

Mr E: Right, I’m sure they can feel it. I know humans can, I know some can.

NL: If you concentrate on it you will be able to feel it if you know it’s there. Plus, being more connected makes you more powerful, and your life becomes easier, happier even. Wow…that’s really interesting.

Mr E: Pretty deep, huh?

NL: It’s very deep and the truth is, the world has so much more dimension than most of us (humans) think.

Mr E: It is deep, that’s the whole thing, we are a deep people.

NL:  So, that’s what I’ve been trying to uncover.  The essence of being an elf is…

Mr E: Elves are deep people.

NL: They are and they also have…

Mr E: …a high code of living.  They will not do this or that because it goes against their grain. For example, no, they won’t shove people out into the middle of traffic.  It’s the truth, it’s the core truth.

NL: So what is their core truth?  How do you put that into words?

Mr E: It’s a lot of words, a lot of words, a book worth.

NL: So we need to work on that, too.

Mr E: And, this is about my kind of elves, not all elves.

NL: Yes, that goes without saying. This is what it means to be  Fynian elf or a “Group of Eight” elf.

Mr E: Yes, the way we think and the reason we are doing this…

NL: Exactly!  Why on earth would you care otherwise.

Mr E: We wouldn’t, there are many that don’t.

NL: Maybe part of the book we are working on should include why you decided humans needed to be protected. What was it  that made you decide this when there are other elven groups who don’t care (neutral), along with  others that really want to destroy humanity.

Mr E: Right! And the funny part is that I understand their desire to destroy them. I acknowledge their frustration and the agony that they go through. They’re thinking, “well, it would just be simpler to (snaps fingers) to get rid of them.”  It’s ironic because it could be argued that the extermination solution is common, human-like thinking .

NL: Yes, that’s how some humans think but there are higher minded humans.

Mr E: Yes, exactly but this particular group (dark elves) thinks that it’s the best thing [to destroy them all] and I’m saying, “no, no, no!”

NL: And the reason that your people have come to this conclusion is built on the same things we’ve  been talking about.

Mr E: Exactly, we’re focused on the good  part of humanity. There are good people out there and those people need to be protected  so that humanity can go on to produce more people like them.

NL: So, now here’s a hard question.  If you could eliminate all the problem humans, the ones that drag humanity down, would you?

Mr E: Now, see, this is another thing…..I don’t feel it is my job to do that and that is my opinion about that.  I feel that they are all walking around doing their business, learning their lessons on their own special level and I am not to interfere with that.

Humanity needs to be more aware and once they are more aware, life will be better for them and for us. Really, the thing is to have a deeper awareness, just like what we have been talking about.

NL: For example, understanding what energies you are really surrounded by, not just what it looks like on the surface.

Mr E: Exactly, because you’ve barely scratched the surface, basically.  There’s so much more to tell you.

NL: I think this is your destiny

Mr E: This is our destiny.

NL:  When you were a child you were told by a dragon what you would be doing in the future.

Mr E: Yes, he told me I’d have a great job to do…

NL: …and this is it–you’re doing it!

Mr E: Of course! You can’t say no to a dragon, can you?

Who is Mr E?

He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.


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  1. rush February 22, 2015 at 4:09 am - Reply

    Wow thanks Natalie, and Mr E, I can sense what he is saying about the feel of the things around us. It can happen to us when we get into deep emotional places, If you miss some one you can pick up there clothes and get a sense of them, or if you think in symbolic terms, things can become deeper in aspect. We have sanitised our selves from creative expression, our imaginations have been dulled, the consciousness being trained to be fixated on gaining gaining always chasing something, the new car, the home and garden, the high paying job. This is all very important, but the rush to gain so much has made us take short cuts, in emotional thinking, symbolic thought. The here and now, is under appreciated. Our present is what defines our future and our past. Sadly many of us are not present in the moment, because there is so much to worry about. Imagination helps open these passage ways, like art and poetry. A door can be simply a door, or it can be

    the door to her heart
    the doorway to the stars
    the gate way to paradise, when folding your childrens clothes they are a lot more than just clothes too, more like little memories.
    Through the imagination we can see things with a deeper aspect, Even more, If you can manifest the true source of vibration and energy, through your imagination, then you see with symbolic truth. When you perceive things, its like a whole other language, one of the heart I hope I explained it ok,

  2. Ruth February 23, 2015 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    This is wonderful information to ponder upon and make it part of my life…thank you Natalie & Mr E! I’m happily looking forward to more!

  3. chenets February 24, 2015 at 5:28 am - Reply

    Mr E, if you really exist, why can’t you show us your picture?

  4. Natalie Lynn February 26, 2015 at 2:28 pm - Reply

    @Ruth, thank you so much! I look forward to hearing more from you too!

  5. Antonia February 27, 2015 at 7:39 pm - Reply

    That was wonderful! Good job Natalie,Susan and Mr E

  6. rush February 28, 2015 at 5:44 pm - Reply

    Oh and thanks Susan, : )

  7. Ta March 1, 2015 at 7:28 am - Reply

    It is interesting. What makes elves different from human aside from their physical form? How different are these two species? Set a side that we already know elves lives so much longer than humans, thus there must be big biological differences. I disagree that elves are more conscious than humans. Consciousness can be defined as awareness of oneself—being able to distinguish I from them. Some of the stuff mentions deal a lot with morals, beliefs, norms, and values; like a culture within an ethnicity/race. Perhaps, it may not stand for all elves—but for Mr.E’s society these are their values and beliefs. Most Americans do not appreciate things such as milks and clothing because they were not taught to appreciate. If this kind of appreciation is integrated into America’s system things will change. Surely, I wasn’t raise to be aware of where I got my clothing from and where my food came from. I develop this habit later in life.

    I am confused about their goddess. I don’t know if miss the information, but who are their goddess?

    I feel like we should not use humans and elves. Both are very board and within these contexts, there are many groups. For example, humans have races and ethnicities. The morals and beliefs etc will change from one group to another.

    Regarding energy, it will be interesting to see elves specialized in this area and scientists debate. Overall, this is an interesting blog. A lot of I understand and a lot of I don’t sit quite well with this.

    • Natalie Lynn March 1, 2015 at 12:57 pm - Reply

      @ta, I have to disagree with you. Elves appear to have an ability to see energies much more vividly than the average human and that makes them more aware or conscious of their world. If you commonly see energies emmanating from a desk, or a pencil or a rock as a human, then I think that places you in the minority at present. That’s what he was referring to, not one’s awareness of themselves, although that may also be true. I’m sorry, I couldn’t begin to tell you why this is so, in biological terms.

      Mr E believes that humans can expand the awareness of their world to their benefit and that was the point behind much of this discussion. It seems like you were offended by some things he said but that wasn’t his intention. It was more like, “hey, you can learn to do this too and it will enhance your life.”

  8. Ta March 9, 2015 at 3:45 am - Reply

    To Natalie: I am not offended. I am sharing what I think. People that share their thought/belief are very different from those who are offended. I believe most people can detect when someone is truly offended.

    I understand that how he and his race see the world may be very different from how normal humans see the world. It is not just perspective, it is the genetic makeup of the race. After all, what we can see and understand from what we are seeing makes our way of living and our perspective.

    If seeing energy can be learned, how can we do it? That is something I haven’t seen discussed. If this can be accomplished, understanding Mr.E may be much easier. Are you all planning to include something similar in the book?

    • Natalie Lynn March 9, 2015 at 11:54 am - Reply

      @ta: ah, I’m glad you weren’t offended. I think you were trying to push me back a bit there with your comment, ” I believe most people can detect when someone is truly offended.” Since I questioned if you were offended, I guess I’m not “most people.” That’s okay, I’ve never been in that category anyway.

  9. Ta March 10, 2015 at 3:06 pm - Reply

    To Natalie: I could be wrong. What if most people can’t detect when someone’s offended online? All we ever have is cues, words, and sentence structures. In my experience, I have been able to tell. People usually, in my experience, leave cues–or somehow I have the feeling that they are offended after reading what they wrote.

    Outside of the internet, most people can pick up when someone’s offended. People express when they are offended–it varies but most can detect it.

    You don’t have to be part of that group, as long as you stay safe.

    I think this will humor you, from Key and Peele: http://youtu.be/naleynXS7yo

  10. rush March 10, 2015 at 6:48 pm - Reply

    There is a universal spiritual consciousness that goes beyond ethnicity, DNA, gods and goddess worship or any other belief. The essence of every thing. There are people who can see energies like elves, you will find them in group seminars, u tube clips, writing books, and any other place where the true way of living with integrated freedom between all worlds is being taught to those who are willing to see the ‘similarities’ between everything, not the differences. We know humans, elves , spirits, animals, plants etc are all living, unique, and different. what is similar is that we all have energy as a life force, even rocks. Ethnicity, whether you know where your milk and clothes came from or not, doesnt matter in the greater scheme of things. Mr E is not teaching us to appreciate milk specificly, he is teaching us to value the moment we are living in, to be conscious of what is around us at a spiritual level, its what you choose to be conscious about that develops your world, if we seek to see the connections between our humanity and all other mysteries, then we can see how a crystal can be a guiding healing energy for us, a tree can be a friend to the deeper part of our unspeaking heart, to value the history of where a glass of milk, a hand knitted sock by grandma, or a new wondrous laptop invented by some scientific guru is, the “why” ? all made for us to enjoy, for goodness and betterment of these worlds we share, If you take a moment to sit back and wonder at things , you develop perspectives that have been lost in our fast pace throw away world. I am amazed at tap water, turning on a fawcet and having a fountain of water when ever you need it, I think of people who need to travel a whole day to fetch water, It makes you appreciate what you have, just like you can appreciate grandma for the sock and the farmer for his milk, life and the people in it, some people are better at it than others some need to be taught.
    Spend enough time on line and you can tell exactly what a person is saying and thinking, offended, not offended, changes in tone, and word dancing around statements to suit what one wants to suit, this gets easier if you know the person, compared to some one you dont. I feel every word, I know exactly what is being said.
    A debate between elves and scientists about energies wouldnt be successful, unless the scientists learn to feel what they are debating, this is all about the heart, it cant be measured, its like trying to establish a scientific formula for love, each person is individual, each interaction we have with another life force is individual, and the alchemical experience felt through the manifested energies of that interaction, can be as diverse as all the grains of sand in the world, These teachings that we hear from Mr E are not like formulas in a math book, add this take away that equals this, they produce soul searching questions, transformative insights that can shape profound meanings and paradigms, aiming for global change, spiritual warfare in the individual, groups, nations, and the world.

  11. Anna March 11, 2015 at 6:10 pm - Reply

    At the moment I’m in the market for a new necklace/pendant. I figured it would be nice to get one that not only looks pretty, but has a purpose, too.

    After scouring the Internet and finding no real good answer, I figured I’d ask the people at the very heart of it.

    So, my questions is: what type of crystal best attracts fairies (or other type of Fae)?

    I was planning on getting a raw quartz necklace, but I thought I should see if there was a better kind out there.

    Thank you!

  12. rush March 12, 2015 at 1:29 am - Reply

    This is really a forum topic, but to answer your question, yes raw quartz is a good way to attract Fae, you need to cleanse, charge, activate and program the crystal for attracting Fae, there”s a lot of info on line.


  13. The Believer April 17, 2015 at 11:50 pm - Reply

    I feel it. Now that I know about it.

  14. The Believer April 18, 2015 at 12:03 am - Reply

    I don’t know why, but I understand why you would want to destroy humans. They can be either really dumb or really smart, but most are dumb and make foolish choices. I am one, so I should know.

  15. The Believer April 18, 2015 at 12:17 am - Reply

    I actually think that both elves and humans have their own complex ways of thought. A human may find something great in something that elves may not. It could be the opposite. Elves and humans could both enjoy the same things in different ways. If only we could switch minds for a moment. Things would be so much clearer.

  16. Vuurvliegje April 26, 2015 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    Why does mr. E. talks with an “Irish” accent ? If his homeland Fyn is located where in our world Denmark and Germany are , one should expect a more Danish/German accent . That so called Irish makes no sense .
    If mr. E is an elve or not , I agree we should be more aware of our all day
    bussiness .

  17. Natalie Lynn April 27, 2015 at 11:18 am - Reply

    @Vuurvliegje – Mr E actually has a very good explanation for his accent:

  18. The Believer May 2, 2015 at 11:21 pm - Reply

    I was wondering if the fae have their own alphabet, so if you don’t have anything to write about, maybe you could look into it. Thank you so much 🙂

  19. Grey May 31, 2015 at 2:30 pm - Reply

    It would be nice if Mr.E shared more about how they use magic/k and what kind of magic they do most often…

  20. Michelle June 13, 2015 at 3:59 am - Reply

    I’ve been following this site for quite some time and i have to say that it’s very intriguing 🙂
    I do have a question though, but i’m not sure how appropriate it is or if it would be a touchy subject.
    What happened since the fae decided it was a good idea to separate us with the veil? I mean, it seems like a drastic thing to do, so i can imagine that we (humans) probably did something stupid to offend someone.
    I’m sorry if it’s a touchy subject but i believe that it would be good for us to know to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    Thank you for making this website and taking the time to answer questions and such.
    Hope you all have a lovely day!

  21. Grey June 16, 2015 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    @Michelle ; They used their scrying skills to see into the future and they saw wars, conflict etc as well as humans competing for power over the fae. Thats why the veil was created as the fae didnt want to live amongst us like that.

  22. Faecat July 27, 2015 at 3:22 pm - Reply

    Seems to me that the essence of an elf is to be optimistic about the world around them. And to hold value into the effort every being puts into being alive.

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